This is Sense?



Premiere: Nov 2017

Artistic Director: Scarlett Turner  


Composer: Sam Warren



Danni Spooner

Liza Mortimer

Nadine Knew

Fern Reid

Hettie Holman


Photography by: David Wilson Clarke

and Matt Cawrey


Supported by:                       

This is sense? First started development in 2016, when awarded Grants for the Arts by Arts Council England, focused on research and development that resulted in the event Re-Fuelled.


This is sense? A performance on true stories, figuring out and understanding parts of themselves from the past. The weird and wonderful ways we as people see ourselves through the social politics of self-identity. Questioning and sometimes answering, ‘who am I?’. This piece is a roller-coaster of personal discovery, through topics of sexuality, cultural differences and relationships.