y.O.u is a physical theatre duet portraying the raw hardships in same sex relationships within the queer community. Inspired by the Artistic Director's first experience of being in a same sex relationship, dealing with the crippling reality of homophobia and the fear of coming out.  Confronting the romanticized stereotypes of lesbians that the media and society portrays. y.O.u is apologetically raw, a representation of love the suffering that comes with it. (Based on the feminist theory of ‘male gaze’ -  Laura Mulvey)



Started Development: 2019

Artistic Director: Scarlett Turner




Liza Mortimer

Scarlett Turner


Dance Horizons: Innovations Award

Edinburgh Fringe 2019


y.O.u photo 2.png


Fuelled Dance Theatre beautifully choreographed

Audience Member - [Edinburgh Fringe festival 2019]

Truly beautiful. Like a flow of emotions whirling in front of you that you can't put into words. The connection and chemistry between the performers was tangible and visceral. Stunning performance with raw emotion. Go see!


Kirsty Monroe - [Edinburgh Fringe festival 2019]